Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To find the Products installed in R12

Run the following query to find out the products installed in EBS R12.

select a.oracle_id, a.last_update_date, a.product_version,a.patch_level, decode(a.status, 'I', 'Installed', 'S', 'Shared', 'N', 'Not Installed',a.status) Status, a.industry, b.application_name, c.application_short_name from fnd_product_installations a, fnd_application_tl b, fnd_application cwhere a.application_id = b.application_id and a.application_id = c.application_id and b.language = 'US' order by c.application_short_name;

To find patches applied in R12

Run the following query

SELECT AAP.patch_name, AAP.patch_type, AAP.maint_pack_level, TO_CHAR(AAP.creation_date,'DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS') Applied_date, APD.driver_file_name, APD.platformFROM ad_applied_patches AAP, ad_patch_drivers APDWHERE AAP.applied_patch_id = APD.applied_patch_idORDER BY AAP.creation_date ;