Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Removing Language Selection From Login Page

1.Logon with Functional Administrator responsibility.

2.Click on 'Personalization' Tab.

3.Enter /oracle/apps/fnd/sso/login/webui in document path and click on 'Go' button.

4.Click on 'Pencil' icon under 'Personalize Page' for /oracle/apps/fnd/sso/login/webui/LangImagesRN.

5.make sure that 'Include' for Site is checked then click on 'apply'.

6.Look for “Table Layout‟ and click on 'Pencil' icon in ‟Personalize' column.

7.Change 'rendered' property value to 'false' at Site level from LOV and click on Apply.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to display all oracle hidden parameters

Oracle has many hidden parameters.
You will not find them in V$PARAMETER or see them with SHOW PARAMETERS command as these are hidden.
All these parameter start with _ (Underscore).

SELECT NAME, VALUE, DECODE (isdefault, 'TRUE', 'Y', 'N') AS "Default",
DECODE (isem, 'TRUE', 'Y', 'N') AS sesmod,
DECODE (isym,'IMMEDIATE', 'I','DEFERRED', 'D','FALSE', 'N') AS sysmod,
DECODE (imod,'MODIFIED', 'U','SYS_MODIFIED', 'S','N') AS modified,
DECODE (iadj, 'TRUE', 'Y', 'N') AS adjusted,
SELECT x.inst_id AS INSTANCE, x.indx + 1, ksppinm AS NAME, ksppity,
ksppstvl AS VALUE, ksppstdf AS isdefault,
DECODE (BITAND (ksppiflg / 256, 1),1, 'TRUE','FALSE') AS isem,
DECODE (BITAND (ksppiflg / 65536, 3),1, 'IMMEDIATE',2, 'DEFERRED','FALSE') AS isym,
DECODE (BITAND (ksppstvf, 7),1, 'MODIFIED','FALSE') AS imod,
DECODE (BITAND (ksppstvf, 2), 2, 'TRUE', 'FALSE') AS iadj,
ksppdesc AS description
FROM x$ksppi x, x$ksppsv y
WHERE x.indx = y.indx
AND SUBSTR (ksppinm, 1, 1) = '_'
AND x.inst_id = USERENV ('Instance'))