Monday, November 10, 2014

opatch command and options

opatch is a java based utility used for applying oracle database patches.

Note: Set the path to $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch before running opatch. Also view the Readme.txt file before applying any patch

To check version:
$./opatch version

For help:
$./opatch -help

To apply a single patch
$./opatch apply

To rollback a patch
$./opatch rollback -id

To apply bundle patches
$./opatch util NApply

To query the inventory for patches applied
$./opatch lsinventory
for more details:
./opatch lsinventory -detail

opatch log files
Log file for OPatch utility can be found at $ORACLE_HOME/cfgtoollogs/opatch

How to find a product version in Oracle Applications

Run the below script to find out the product version

Login to the application server using applmgr account
Go to $AD_TOP/sql
Connect to sqlplus as apps/apps
 Run "@adutconf.sql"
 Output will be in same directory in the name of adutconf.lst

How to find an AD patchset level

Run the below script to find out the AD patchset level

SQL> select PATCH_LEVEL from fnd_product_installations where APPLICATION_ID=50;